What should you know about yourself before auditioning?

Strengths and weaknesses

Here are 3 things to know about yourself as an actor:

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. What are your weaknesses?
  3. What area(s) are keeping you from booking the part?

Let’s face it, we all have strengths and weaknesses, also confusion about how to use our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses.  Often there are things we’re doing in an audition that we’re unaware of and it’s destroying the reading.  But who knew?


Very few casting directors have the time to give feedback to you or your agent as regarding how you did on the audition.  So the areas continue to exist and go unhandled.  Some of the things you’re probably aware of but not sure what to do about them, and other areas you don’t know are there.


On the other hand, I often see actors who have some really wonderful and even unique qualities that would serve them well that seemed to have escaped them in their work.  If they understood what they were and they knew how to use them creatively, it could mean booking jobs instead of losing jobs.  In other words, there are some very special qualities that they aren’t tapping into that could be game changers.


This is where having a private coach can make a big difference.  A coach can be objective and can isolate what you’re doing well and re-enforce that so you gain even more confidence in those areas.  A coach can also see where your weaknesses lie so they can be addressed and eliminated. The last point is regarding those special things about you that you’re not aware of and therefore not using. These can be spotted by a good coach and turned into audition gold if done correctly.


Working in film, tv, and theater is a collaborative art and we all need a professional who is knowledgeable, creative, and trustworthy in our corner to keep us alive and whole as artists.


If you’re not booking work consistently, get a coach and resolve specifically your strengths and weaknesses AND what area(s) are keeping you from booking that part, as you can and then be prepared to get very busy with the jobs you’ll be doing.


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Lynette McNeill - Acting Coach
By Lynette McNeill
Acting Coach & Director

Blog: Actor Strengths and Weaknesses – 3 Things to Know About Yourself

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