How to Hire an Acting Coach

If you’re serious about acting there is a good chance that you need a professional acting coach to get you to the next level. Whether it’s an acting coach in a classroom environment or a private acting coach. Lynette McNeill is an acting coach that has taught several actors and has helped them get to the next level. As an acting coach Lynette has taught Adam Sandler, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Goldberg, Jason Lee, Faith Ford, Anne Archer to name a few.

So the question would be which acting coach to choose from in the Los Angeles area?

Lynette McNeill covers various aspects of acting. As an acting coach we focus primarily on teaching our students how to bring their voice to the performance and also give them the freedom to show off their own artistic ability. Also as an acting coach we show exactly how to know their range when playing specific characters.

Another important thing that we cover as an acting coach is everything you need to know about improvisation. Improvising is definitely a huge part of acting. As an acting coach we go over various exercises that help specifically for each individual actor to help them to explore new parts of their acting that they may not have known. An acting coach also helps focus on finding more range and depth of the character that they’re playing. Improvising also helps with the easy of spontaneity to teach work. Every actor that signs up for a personal acting coach will learn everything it takes to take their acting to the next level.

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How Can An Acting Coach Can Help Your Acting Career?

An acting coach will also cover everything you need to know about auditioning. As an acting coach we will go over the importance of what to do when auditioning for a part and what things you should say during the interview process.

By hiring an acting coach it is never guaranteed that you will have a successful career in acting, but we assure you that with the right acting coach you will be able to take your acting abilities to new levels. An acting coach will also teach you how to be comfortable in front of an audience while acting. Of course you know that this is a very important skill that takes time to accomplish. Once your acting coach gives you the skills to achieve this you will be able to give amazing performances over and over again. With an acting coach we will show you exactly what it takes for your audience to understand you. Enunciation is very important when it comes to acting. Your personal acting coach will also show you how you can project your voice so it can be heard while performing. This is extremely important. An actor that cannot be heard will not get their point across.

How Can You Benefit By Hiring An Acting Coach?

Another thing an acting coach will help you with is to improve your memory to help with your lines. As an actor you cannot rely on a script all the time. You have to memorize your lines before doing any performance. An acting coach will give you the best tips and strategies when it comes to memorizing your lines as quickly as possible so that you may have the best performance on stage, on television, or in a movie. It is also important for an acting coach to help you with the ability to express your imagination. Most adults seem to lose grip of their imagination when they get older. As an acting coach we help our actors to get their imagination back to help with improving their acting skills. It is important to also learn how to work with other actors and crew. As an acting coach you will be taught everything you need to know when having to work with a crew. The bigger the acting gigs you get means the more people that you need to work with.

It is extremely important to learn how to follow directions when working with an acting coach. Think of it this way, if you cannot follow directions when auditioning for parts, you will never get the part. An acting coach will show you how to follow directions to make the director happy. An acting coach is here to help you succeed and to help get you to the level you’ve been wanting to get to. The purpose of having an acting coach is to give you the all the education that you need in order to be a successful actor.

The Lynette McNeill Studio also offers various workshops and private industry guests to help our students achieve their goals. By hiring an acting coach you will get all of the proper training and support to help you achieve your goals.

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With the Help of an Acting Coach

Acting Coach Your training as an actor extends far beyond what you do with an acting coach when you’re working on scenes. Contrary to what you’ve thought or been told, no one is going to wave a magic wand and start your career as an actor without your knowing your craft and having the skills of a professional. There is a vast education you will need in order to develop yourself emotionally, physically, and artistically. This is why working with an acting coach is important.

So how do you start this aspect of your education as you begin to design the career you want with the help of an acting coach? You may start by studying fine art with the help of your acting coach. Go to museums and galleries and become familiar with different styles of painting. Knowing the history of painting and sculpture and the styles of different periods can be a tremendous asset in creating the various parts you will play. Pick up an art book and just start thumbing through it. You’ll be surprised at what you find! Study the faces painted by Modigliani, Rembrandt, and Toulouse-Lautrec—a whole new world of characters will open up to you.

Exposure to music and dance are also important to forming a well-rounded, versatile actor. Listen to jazz and classical music. Make it a point to go to a symphony concert, see ballet and modern dance—it’s all part of your creative development and can only serve to enrich your work as an actor. Having the right acting coach can help improve your acting ability and will also help open your mind up to amazing new things that you may have never noticed.

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Reading good literature is also vital to your growth and can help you cultivate a more vivid imagination that sets you apart from the crowd. Study the classics—read Sophocles, Shakespeare, Chekov, and Williams. Start by finding one play that interests you and read it. Then follow with another. It will transport you to another world and take you out of the everyday world. When you’ve been introduced to these great characters and know their stories, it will expand the way you develop the characters you play and you’ll bring more layers to your work. Talk to an acting coach about the characters you read about. You may be able to implement the characters personalities in your own acting.Even if you’re familiar with the above writers, re-visiting them will only serve to enrich your work. And by all means go to the theatre and see as many films as you can. You’ll develop an eye for what is good and what is not and learn to understand why things work and why they do not. Just by discussing characters personalities with an acting coach will open your eyes to some things that you may have never noticed just by reading it alone.

Find Out How An Acting Coach Can Improve Your Skills

Another part of your education demands your physical development. A well- coordinated body that is strong and graceful is more pleasing to the eye than an awkward, clumsy one. Having an acting coach is very important to have to develop your physical demeanor. Not only will you have somebody there to critique your posture, but you will also an acting coach to tell you where you can improve. So a part of each day should be devoted to physical exercise. Working out at the gym is one way, but there are other ways as well such as dancing, gymnastics, fencing, breathing exercises, vocal exercises for diction and singing—anything that makes you more adept physically. Your body is an important instrument in your work, so see to it that it is well tuned and maintained. An acting coach will be able to instruct you on what needs to be done to get yourself to the next level.

The last of these areas of education has to do with observing all that is around you. Start to watch people and notice how they talk, what they say, how they express themselves, their mannerisms, emotions, and attitudes. Do this as a part of your daily routine, no matter where you are—be on the lookout for interesting characters. There may be someone in a biology class, a peculiar teacher or an oddball student lurking about. Venture outside your own immediate environment and have a look around. You’ll find all sorts of interesting types on Hollywood Boulevard or Venice Beach or MacArthur Park. You never know where you’ll find them so always be on the lookout. An acting coach can help you improve the ability to stay focused at all times and always be aware of your physical surroundings.

Also be aware of what you’re feeling and how you express it. Start to notice the difference between your private side and public side. For example, what do you do when you get angry? Is it something you squelch and experience privately without showing it publicly? Or do you rant and rave and let everyone know about it? You’ll start to learn a lot about yourself that you can put into your work. You’ll be amazed on how much an acting coach will help you with your acting and also real life situations.

One interesting exercise you might try is to take a bus ride one day and observe very closely the people around you and what they do. Pay particular attention to detail here—exactly how did the guy speak to the woman sitting next to him? What did the woman who had no teeth sound like when she spoke? Look into their eyes—what do you see? Sadness? Loneliness? Fear? Later that evening when you’re alone, recreate what you saw that day and see how closely you observed. How could an acting coach open your eyes to situations like this? An acting coach will show you everything to be aware of at all times.

On another day, set aside a certain time—say lunch-time—and pay attention to your own behavior and actions. Again, that evening when you’re alone, see if you can recall your own behavior. If you begin to do these two exercises on a regular basis, you’ll not only begin to find some interesting idiosyncrasies in others, you’ll find you have a few interesting ones yourself which you probably weren’t even aware of.

Start to sharpen your senses as well—how do you feel when you’re walking on the beach, hiking in the woods, playing in the snow, or lying in the grass gazing at the stars? What sensations do you feel? Become sensitive to the changes you experience in your surroundings.

An actor has to be the most curious of creatures roaming the earth. Everything is of interest because it reflects some part of life and that is what your work is all about—LIFE. Agreed that is a fairly large subject, but you’re the one who wanted to an actor, remember? So get to it, the world is your palette!

So it should be clear by now that training as an actor is not a part-time job, it’s a full time experience. As an actor, you become a sponge absorbing all that is around you and still it’s not enough—you haven’t quenched that thirst, and you look for another well from which to drink.

Jump into the mainstream of life with all the fervor and passion you can muster to find out more about this planet and all its wonders. And then bring that understanding to your art, your work as an actor. There is no limit to your potential and what you can discover. Who says you can’t turn the world upside down? Find out more about working with the right acting coach.

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