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Character Development Part 2

More On Character Development Last week, I shared some insights from Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore regarding how they approached creating characters.  This week I’m sharing more excerpts on character development from a New York Times article written by Michael...

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The Secret to A Great Audition

Auditioning is an art form in itself so it’s important that an actor knows what he’s doing when he enters the room.  Here are the secrets to a great audition. The Secret to A Great Audition SECRET #1.  You want to walk in well prepared, relaxed and confident.  Sure,...

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Keeping Your Purpose Alive

Private Coaching: Keeping Your Purpose Alive Every time you feel disappointed, discouraged, and disillusioned, you should know that is the beginning of a destructive process where you hold back from continuing to pursue your dream to be a successful working actor. Too...

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