My focus as a teacher is to work with the student in front of me, an individual and not a generality, to help him discover his voice as an actor. This is vital to opening the door to a successful career. Weíre here to help the actor develop his skills and abilities in a way that produces dramatic results for both auditions and on set performances.

Acting Classes Los Angeles

My philosophy as a teacher is that actors learn by doing so every actor works every class in exercises that are tailor made to his or her needs to expand his or her range with character and emotion. When we move into scene study in our acting schools, the focus is on providing the actor with the information he needs to know to be a skillful working actor – everything from script analysis, to auditioning, to working on set.

One of my top priorities as an acting coach is to provide a working environment that is creative, inspiring, and challenging for the actors who train here. When you walk through the door of the studio, one of the first things you’ll notice is a feeling of enthusiasm and excitement for the work. There’s music coming out of the sound booth, actors rehearsing on stage, and others warming up backstage. If it’s an on camera class about to start there’s a crew setting up camera and microphones with actors going over scenes they’re about to perform. We also offer some amazing acting workshops too.

Other services also include private coaching as well as career consultation. At the studio we also bring in special guest speakers – Academy Award winning directors and producers in addition to offering our own in house Casting Director workshops.

At the acting studio we have helped to launch the careers of many wonderful actors including Adam Sandler, Jason Lee, Ellen DeGeneres, Giovanni Ribisi, Faith Ford and Jane Leeves.

We are a school for actors who are serious about developing their careers and want a safe and inspiring place in which to do so. Call us to find out more.

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