What makes us different?

We add a personal touch while helping you successfully discover your acting voice.

Tailor-made Private Coaching

Private coaching is an exciting way to study as it’s all about YOU in a one-on-one setting!  

We stick with each step until your abilities and confidence soar.

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“I am committed to your success and providing you with the same tools that gave lasting results to former students such as Adam Sandler, Ellen DeGeneres, Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi, Janeane Garofalo, Jane Leeves, and many more!” – Lynette McNeill

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What makes our studio different?

Dedicated to getting YOU on the right path to a successful career!

“We are there for you every step of the way—helping you to discover your voice as an actor, helping you to audition successfully, stay on track and avoid setbacks so that you can achieve your goal of working consistently in the industry!” – Lynette McNeill

Start Your Acting Career!

Imagine having the skills and confidence you need to launch your acting career. Our private coaching and acting classes enable you to create the career you’ve been dreaming of.  

We are committed to providing you with the same tools that led to lasting results for …

Former Students:

Adam Sandler, Ellen DeGeneres, Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi,
Janeane Garofalo, Jane Leeves and many more.

There for you every step of the way!

We’ll be there for you as you discover your voice as an actor, audition successfully, stay on track and avoid setbacks so that you can work consistently in the industry. No question is too tough or too small, and we’ll always be ready with answers.

Soon, you’ll have the skills and confidence to create a lasting acting legacy.

Every program is tailor-made!

From beginning to advanced

We focus on your specific needs and training for you to become a successful actor. Our programs are tailor-made for you to tackle critical areas holding you back.

Courses include Basic Technique, Expanding Your Emotional Range, How to Make Better Choices in Your Work and Audition Technique. 

After a careful pre-evaluation, a program is created to increase your skills as an actor. We’ll stick with each course until your abilities and confidence are soaring. You’ll be booking new roles before you know it!

Hollywood Reporter

Glowing Review of “Laura” from Hollywood Reporter – This review appeared in the international publication praising Lynette McNeill’s work as Director.


Don’t Let Doubt Derail an Audition  You start off the day feeling good. You’re excited about an audition you have in a few hours. You feel great about your preparation and are ready to nail it!

The Los Angeles Times

Linda Hamilton is “Laura” at the Tiffany Theatre – In an article that appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Director Lynette McNeill and actress Linda Hamilton discuss how they worked together.

“Hard to put into words all that Lynette did for me, but I truly feel that she gave me my wings as an actress. She really creates a joyous, inspiring environment in which to discover and learn. I thank her every day.”

Jane Leeves

Actress, Hot In Cleveland, Frasier

“Lynette’s teaching has always been rich and clear finding depth, color and humor way beyond the printed page.”

Anne Archer

Actress, Academy Award Nominee, Clear and Present Danger, Privileged

“Sometimes we feel uncertain about how to break down a character or we get nervous about having enough time to prepare for a role. I’ve found that when those situations arise, working one on one with Lynette helps me stay grounded in the character and focus on it’s logic within the story. This keeps me open and available for notes or adjustments that come my way throughout the audition process as well as during production.”

Faith Ford

Actress, Murphy Brown/Hope and Faith

“Since I started studying with Lynette I have booked two features, three national commercials and seven short films. Needless to say, this has been the best year I have ever had in my career! I truly believe that if I would have met Lynette when I first moved to Los Angeles, I would have my own sitcom right now. Lynette has empowered me with the tools to succeed as an actor. I will forever be in her debt.”

Ronnie Lewis

Actor, Telling Lies In America

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