3 Things to Take with You into Every Audition

3 things to take with you into every audition

  1. Your love of acting and the joy of performing
  2. Your heart
  3. Your talent


Over-ride all of the nervousness, worry, and insecurity that may follow you into the casting director’s office.  It’s your moment, don’t let any outside distractions or upsets throw you off of your game.  It’s your game so play it fully in the best way you know how.  Let those present in the room see how well prepared you are.  Let them see you in the part and hear your voice as the character.  Create the experience you want them to have when they see you perform.


Take your heart with you and all of the compassion, care, and sensitivity you possess and let them see how deeply you feel things.  Let them experience your humor, your strength, your quirkiness and all of the colors that aren’t on the written page that only you can bring.  When you bring your heart, you bring yourself, your joy, your pain, and your understanding of the human condition.  Your head will never take you places that your heart will.


Remember these 3 things to take with you into every audition. Walk in knowing you have talent and let that flow into the scene, the character, and the story you’re telling.  Instead of doubt, let your confidence lead you into a more powerful delivery of the scene.  Allow the unexpected to come up and startle you and take you down a new path that is better than the one you had anticipated.  Surprise yourself with new discoveries as you look and listen to the other character.  When you’re fully confident and present, anything is possible.  It takes courage to do what you’re doing as an actor, and the world needs artists to lift our spirits and inspire us.  We’re counting on you.


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Lynette McNeill - Acting Coach
By Lynette McNeill
Acting Coach & Director

Blog: 3 Things to Take with You into Every Audition

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