3 Ways to Prep Before An Audition

3 Ways to Prep Before An Audition

Even for the best of actors, auditioning for casting directors can be a challenge at best. We all know that being relaxed and present is vital to a good audition, but how do you get there? Are there specific steps to take that will enable you to deliver the best audition you can deliver?

The answer is YES and you can drill these steps while preparing for the role, before leaving for the audition, and after arriving at the casting director’s office.

In order to be alive and creative as an actor, you want to be as comfortable as possible in the environment you are in, wherever that may be. By doing so, you are able to perform the role in a way that is driven by talent and not by nerves or distractions.

When an actor lacks confidence, it is often connected to times when he did not do well, or was made to feel less talented by others in a previous environment. He then inadvertently goes back into that old environment emotionally when faced with similar circumstances. So now when he most needs to be relaxed and confident, he is mentally back in those past losses and failures. So thankfully there is a remedy for this and here are the steps to follow.

  1. Be present:

    First, you need to be fully present in the environment where you currently are. Look around that space and notice the color of the walls, the texture of the fabric on the furniture, the condition of the floor, what’s above you, what’s behind you, the temperature of the space, how light or dark it is, etc. You get the idea. Take a deep breath and feel yourself settle down and shift into the place where you actually are.

  2. Create the setting and feel of the scene:

    Next, create the environment where the character is. What time of day is it? What sounds are around you—are you in a quiet conference room or at a noisy baseball game? Do you need to speak quietly or yell above the crowd to be heard? What is the temperature of the location? Is it wet or dry? And how do you feel in this environment as the character?

  3. Understand desired reactions of other characters in the scene:

    Now that you are clearly present and have created the environment of the character, what reaction do you want from the other character in the scene with you? What do you want him to understand from your point of view?

Doing these 3 steps before rehearsing, and/or performing will keep you alert, aware and connected to yourself and the circumstances of the present environment.

Here’s to winning in the place where you are! Thank you for reading my blog “3 Ways to Prep Before An Audition”! This is one of many that I offer to students completely free! If you are interested in taking a course privately from me you can contact me below!

Good luck!

By Lynette McNeill
Acting Coach & Director

Lynette McNeill - Acting Coach

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Blog: 3 Ways to Prep Before An Audition

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