Our Studio Focus

We’re committed to helping actors develop the skills they need to thrive in the world of acting and auditioning.

Are you serious about becoming a professional actor? Do you have what it takes to take your acting to the next level? If so, Lynette McNeill Acting Studio private coaching, acting classes and workshops are for you.

What Our Studio Offers

Acting Classes

Acting classes focus on the skills you need to develop characters for any given scenario. Conducted in a group setting.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is the most exciting way to study, as it’s all about YOU in a one-on-one setting! 

Acting Workshops

 Guest speakers share their success stories in the entertainment industry to help inspire your career. 

Acting Classes

Our acting classes are created to train you in an atmosphere that is both challenging and stimulating so as to inspire you—the actor—to explore new areas of your talent while becoming a confident, skilled professional.

Classes focus on developing your acting skills to completely understand the character and reality you’re portraying. We help you focus on various skills needed to express your own voice in every performance. 

Private Coaching

Private coaching is an exciting way to study, as it’s all about YOU in a 1:1 setting! We focus on developing your specific needs and training in every session.

We’ll focus on the areas holding you back, including Basic Technique, Expanding Your Emotional Range, How to Make Better Choices in Your Work and Audition Technique: What You Need to Create in the Room to Book the Part, among others.

After a careful pre-evaluation is completed, a program is custom-made for you and we stick with each step until your abilities and confidence soar.

Acting Workshops

Our world-class acting workshops offer helpful advice for students looking to take their acting career to the next level. 

We offer four workshops that address common problems that hold actors back, making sure students understand how they can correct the problems and land new roles. Workshops are offered periodically throughout the year.

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