Acting Classes

Scene Study

Lynette McNeill Studio - Scene StudyOur Scene Study class is an on-going series that helps develop characters in imaginary circumstances and do so with deep emotional understanding. By fine tuning these skills, you’ll begin to express your artistic choices in roles. The goal is for you to master your craft with expanded range and knowledge. 

Adam Sandler, a former student turned famous Hollywood Actor, believes Lynette’s acting classes changed career forever!


Improvisation is part of our on-going scene study classes. Every class starts with improvisation exercises. The goal is to expand the actor’s range with character, relationship, and emotional truth with ease and spontaneity. Every actor works every acting class.

Audition Technique

We offer audition techniques in our on-going scene study class.  This is designed to develop special techniques needed in on-camera auditions.


Every six weeks we offer an on-camera class to see how each student is progressing with both auditions and on-camera work. These classes have been hugely successful as each student sits with Lynette while viewing the monitor to discuss their work. 

Casting Director Workshops

In Casting Director Workshops, we bring in a casting director to do four separate workshops that address common problems with casting directors. These workshops are offered periodically throughout the year.

Industry Guests

We believe it’s important to stay connected with what’s happening in the film and television industry, so we bring in guest speakers at student seminars. Past speakers have included Academy Award winning producer Nick Morton; Academy Award winning producer/director Grant Heslov; (Grant is co-owner of Smokehouse Pictures with George Clooney) and producer/director Rick Rosenthal, owner of Whitewater Films. Each speaker brings a unique voice and perspective about how to be successful in the industry.

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